The thinning patch on my crown has been considerably disguised by the micro pigmentation carried out with no pain whatsoever. Craig was so professional and knowledgeable and I feel so much more confident now having had this done. Too many years of overusing dry shampoo had defo taken its tole on my hair and as a women I was mortified to be loosing my hair in this way. But I now feel like I don’t need to try and hide it any longer or worry about what people will think. I cant thank you both enough ! xx

– Jane Smith

All I can say is wow. My initial consultation with Karen I was totally put at ease. I knew what to expect and how my procedure would heal and time it would take etc. But nothing prepares me for actually looking at myself with my hairline restored! I guess I thought it would help with how I felt but not totally change my life! It has actually given my confidence back! The only negative for me was why didn’t I have it done sooner! So thankful this treatment is available! My confidence is back! And my hair looks like it’s back! That’s enough for me! Thank you Craig and Karen!

– Adam