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At our award-winning scalp clinic, our team of  hairloss experts will be on hand to implement something truly life changing for you.

We take pride in the extensive training we have undertaken in order to offer you unparalleled knowledge and care. Karen Peake boasts an incredible working history, having Previously worked with the pretigious team at FTG Group as a Scalp/ Hairloss Trainer. She trained first-hand with Matt Iulo – the international master of SMP.

We feel that client comfort and confidentiality is of the utmost importance. When you book your FREE consultation with one of our specialists, you will be able choose whether you speak to our male scalp specialist Craig or Karen herself.

Craig specialises in hairloss of all types – short, long, thinning, receded and total baldness. Don’t hesitate to contact us to book a no-strings-attached consultation. Karen’s specialty is hair loss solutions – she prides herself on her extensive medical work in hospitals as well as private clinics.


When you step into our Hair loss studio at our Centre of Excellence, you do so with full peace of mind. Karen has been trained to an elite standard and now passes her expertise on by teaching with passion and drive at her Clinic of Excellence in Chandlers Ford.

Karen visualised a hairloss centre for all Male and Female needs and quickly expanded the business to include the expertise of Craig Peake our Male hairloss Specialist.

Karens words ‘I quickly noticed that my male clients seemed overwhelmed sometimes not wanting to discuss their Hairloss concerns fully.

With this in mind we designed our centre of excellence where we offer confidential, bespoke Hairloss services, even down to the practitioner you chose to proceed with

Established in 2012, Karen now boasts over 2500 procedures and the extensive treatments available are forever being updated. From working within private hospitals reconstructing Breaststo teaching nurses within the NHS, you can be assured when you enter our clinic you can  do so with peace of mind that our hairloss specialists are the best in their field.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of practice, specialising in all aspects of Cosmetic, Medical and Aesthetic procedures.

Treatments available from our Award Winning Centre of Excellence:

Micro-blade Brows / Nano Brows / Lip Contouring / Lash Line Enhancement / Male and Female Scalp (Follicle Simulation) / Areola Reconstruction (Post-Surgery) / Skin Camouflage / Scar Needling / Dermaplaning / Meso Vytal / Meso Plus / MCA Microneedling


Craig’s incredible eye for detail and artistic talent has seen his portfolio triple in size since he first joined the team in January 2016. Most of this expansion has been through word of mouth which is a great credit to him in this industry. He confidently offers full scalp and hairline reconstructions as well as densification procedures for thinning hair such as follicle replication.

Karen’s words: “I wanted to add Craig to the team as I felt that male hair loss is so common and men don’t always want to talk to me about it. It’s a fact that men like talking to other men. Now we have a male and a female specialist so we can offer a confidential service where you feel fully confident because even the practitioner is tailored to your needs.”

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to book a consultation with Craig, our Hairloss Specialist!

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