Scars can be treated and successfully covered up by scalp micropigmentation.

Most hair transplants leave some kind of a scar on the scalp. Perhaps you have a long strip scar on the back of your head from an injury or an accident. You might have deep plug scarring in the form of white dots as a result of a less advanced transplant procedure that required the removal of hair follicles.

If your suffer from Scarring within your hair, SMP can camouflage the scar for you. By replicating the follicles and needling the affected area of trauma.

Your scarring will need to be fully healed pre scalp treatment. We can help asses this for you with our skin expertise.

We may also suggest some further treatments to prep the skin which we can also offer you. Possible MCA skin needling to release the tightened scarred skin.

Regardless of the cause and severity of your head scarring, scalp micropigmentation can successfully treat this inconvenient mark. Your look will greatly be improved by replicating tiny hair follicles inside the scar. They will carefully blend into the hairline to give it a much thicker and denser appearance. You will feel much better once you see how much the contrast has been reduced.

Skin micropigmentation can also be used in conjunction with hair transplants to enhance its effects. Combining these two procedures may offer you the maximum density and definition. If you use scalp micropigmentation prior to getting your transplant, it can make the transition less obvious in the weeks leading up to the procedure. If you’d like your SMP treatment to take place after you’ve had the transplant, the minimum waiting time is six months.

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