SMP for men

The only treatment with 100% success rate…

This innovative procedure can help anyone suffering from baldness regardless of whether their issue is a receding hairline, thinning hair, or one of the many medical reasons for hairloss.

The ground breaking treatment of scalp micropigmentation involves implanting coloured pigments into the scalp to replicate hair follicles. This is done using skilfully placed follciles.

 Whatever the extent of your hair loss, SMP will successfully camouflage baldness by creating hair density and blending perfectly with your natural hair.

This process can greatly improve your self-confidence when it comes to hair loss as it creates a natural look of a closely shaved buzz cut. The pigment will always be matched to your real hair colour to ensure a seamless blend. People will not be able to tell that you have gone through a cosmetic procedure.

You will be able to see an impressive difference even after your first session. A complete treatment normally takes three to four sittings each of which lasts about three to four hours. Get in touch with a team member today for a consultation about your specific situation.

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