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The Number One Choice for Scalp Micropigmentation in Southampton

Here at Karen Peake Scalp, we are proud to provide the most skilfully carried out scalp micropigmentation Southampton can offer. This service is made possible because of our highly trained specialist practitioners, Karen and Craig, who boast a vast array of experience through an extensive procedure history. Be assured, that when dealing with us, you’ll be entitled to the highest quality of customer care from the moment you walk through the door or pick up the phone.

Thanks to our experience and skill, we have, over time, become the go-to hair loss specialists offering a number of services for customers in Southampton. Scalp micropigmentation is one such treatment that has grown in popularity over the years and has proven in many cases to be one of the most effective ways of dealing with hair loss.

The treatment involves camouflaging any undesirable areas, such as bald patches or scars, by implanting a coloured pigment into the scalp. This allows us to gives clients the appearance of having a closely shaven scalp with the process being quite similar to that of getting a tattoo. Our successes with this treatment have helped it to grow in popularity proving that ours is the best scalp micropigmentation Southampton customers can hope for.

Along with this service, we also offer treatment for:

Sensitive, and Skilful Treatment that Proves Life Changing

Hair loss is a very personal subject and often proves difficult to deal with. That’s why here at Karen Peake Scalp, we approach the topic of your treatment clearly and with sensitivity to ensure you feel comfortable with your scalp micropigmentation. Southampton residents can expect a calm and friendly environment to help put their minds at ease from the moment they walk through the door.

Though it can seem quite daunting to take that first step, we believe our treatment proves life-changing for our customers. Karen and Craig both offer a wealth of experience as well as being unique points of contact. Those looking to discuss scalp micropigmentation in Southampton have the luxury of deciding which practitioner they are comfortable speaking to regarding their treatment.

For more evidence as to why our Southampton scalp micropigmentation is the best around, have a look at the testimonials left by satisfied clients on our website. We are overjoyed to have brought such a positive change to these people’s lives and hope to extend our work to even more in the future.

Southampton Scalp Micropigmentation from Proven Practitioners

Karen herself has been in the field for a long time and has earned a stellar reputation, allowing her to bring you the best scalp micropigmentation Southampton has to offer. She has trained with the likes of Matt Lulo, who is internationally recognised for his scalp micropigmentation work, and she has performed over 2500 procedures alongside teaching with the NHS.

Our other practitioner, Craig, has tripled his portfolio size since being handpicked by Karen to join the team in 2016. Specialising in men’s hair loss, Craig has already developed a name for himself amongst peers with his already exceptional work in scalp micropigmentation. Southampton clients can expect an equally high level of service from both of our practitioners who have consistently carried out transformative procedures.

We at Karen Peake Scalp are proud that our practitioners are skilled enough to provide a variety of options for our clients regarding scalp micropigmentation in Southampton. This secures us as one of the most versatile practitioners available and allows us to be more flexible in our approach to customers. We understand that every clients’ needs are unique, which is why our team will offer you a personalised service that caters to exactly what you want.

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So, if you feel it’s time to put your hair loss issues behind you, pick up the phone and call Karen Peake Scalp today on 07720 285822 for your FREE consultation. Get in touch now to receive the best scalp micropigmentation Southampton has to offer.