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Are you experiencing hair loss and trying to figure out all of your treatment options? You have certainly come to the right place. For highly effective treatments for hair loss, Southampton residents are sure to benefit from, get in touch with Karen Peake Scalp. Our professional team members will consult you on all of your available options and come up with a great solution that will increase your confidence. Call us any time on 07720 285 822 to discuss your requirements further!


Karen Peake Scalp specialises in treating hair loss of all types. Whether you are experiencing male pattern baldness or want natural looking eyebrows due to hair loss, we are here to help you. Please keep reading below to find out more about all of our specialist treatments and the conditions that they are designed for.


A common medical condition that affects men and women alike, alopecia comes in several different forms. Regardless of which form of alopecia you are having to deal with, our scalp micropigmentation solution will be an effective treatment.


Male pattern baldness affects a large portion of the population and can begin any time after puberty. Most commonly starting in the late twenties or early thirties, male hair loss usually begins with a receding hairline around the temples. Regardless of whether you are only noticing the first signs or you have lost a significant amount of hair already, Karen Peake Scalp is here to help. Our treatments will boost your confidence and transform your look in ways you never thought possible before.


Have your eyebrows been affected by hair loss? We can help you. For female brow hair loss in Southampton, accept no substitutes and reach out to Karen Peake Scalp at your earliest convenience. We will be able to offer you any of the following solutions for restoring the natural look of your brows:

Micro Blade Brows | Hair Stroke Brows | Powder Brows | Nano Brows | Combination Brows | Micro Powder Brows


When people think of hair loss, they are usually picturing the hairline itself. However, it can also have an effect on facial hair. We offer a stubble replication treatment that skilfully places pigment into the skin in a way that aligns with the client’s natural look. For scars or patchy hair loss, Southampton customers will be amazed at the results.


Scalp micropigmentation – also commonly known by the acronym SMP – is a revolutionary solution for hair loss. Suitable for men and women alike, this treatment is completely safe and highly effective. This non-surgical procedure will give clients the appearance of a closely shaven scalp.

SMP is an increasingly popular treatment for Southampton hair loss. This is achieved by the implantation of a coloured pigment into the scalp. The look it creates will be seamless regardless of how much hair the customer has lost.

While no single cure for baldness currently exists, an SMP treatment as carried out by Karen Peake Scalp provides you with a masterful way of permanently camouflaging hair loss. Many people are now opting for our scalp micropigmentation treatment instead of the more traditional hair transplants.


Would you be interested in seeing a wide selection of before and after pictures, so you know what to expect? Check out our online gallery for a range of images. We are certain that seeing the effects of our hair loss Southampton treatment first hand will give you even more confidence for your own solution.


Here at Karen Peake Scalp, we are very proud of the work that we do as hair loss Southampton experts. We have undertaken extensive training and become the leading local provider in offering top quality treatments.

When it comes to hair loss, Southampton customers can enlist our expertise with full confidence. We believe that client comfort and confidentiality is extremely important. You will always receive a courteous service – from the moment you call our front desk until you leave our establishment after your final treatment.

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