Male Brow Hairloss

Male Eyebrows suffer hairloss too…. We can help you…

Male eyebrows are suitable for everybody. whether you have Blonde undefined hairs, or hair loss due to scarring or maybe a previous trauma.

This is a treatment that is tailored to your specific needs and eyebrow type and fully confidential.

The experience will be as quick and painless as possible and carried out by Karen herself who has undergone specific training to medically reconstruct Male Eyebrows.

The results are always neat and natural so you don’t have to worry about an overly groomed look. Depending on the texture and growth pattern of your hair, a treatment can last up to six weeks before a follow up session is required.

You can rest assured knowing that the return procedure will always be quicker than the first one as we have already established the design and settled on a treatment. Additional procedures such as treading and tinting are also available.

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