Scarring or Burns can be reminder of an event or time you would rather forget… You can with SMP.

If your suffer from Scarring within your hair, SMP can camouflage the scar for you. By replicating the follicles and needling the affected area of trauma.

Your scarring will need to be fully healed pre scalp treatment. We can help asses this for you with our skin expertise.

We may also suggest some further treatments to prep the skin which we can also offer you. Possible MCA skin needling to release the tightened scarred skin.

Second degree burns are more dangerous because the damage goes further than just the outer layer of skin. This commonly causes blisters that may pop open and make the burn look wet. A scab like tissue will eventually grow over the wound. The healing period for second degree burns is normally two to three weeks. Minor scarring and pigment changes occur often.

Third degree burns are very severe and cause damage to every layer of the skin. While this sounds extremely painful, it often isn’t due to nerve damage. Common symptoms include skin that is charred with a raised texture, leathery appearance, and blisters that don’t develop.

Whether your burn is partial and minor or it’s your entire scalp has been affected, SMP will disguise the damage and give you back a smooth natural appearance.

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