Hairloss in Brows

Has hairloss effected your Brow… We can help…

Micro blade brows are beautiful brows with a natural finish implemented by using a hand tool. The hair strokes are the thinnest available on the market and the brows will look authentic and full as soon as they’ve healed.

Hair stroke brows are brows where the pigment has been implemented with the machine to provide a more intense look.

Powder brows are another intense finish using the machine. They are the perfect choice if you like the made up look. Once powder brows have healed, they look like you have run powder or makeup through them.

Nano brows are implemented by the machine and designed using the smallest needle available on the market. The finish is intense but once healed, the look will still be beautiful and natural.

Combination brows are machine brows that combine the powder and hair stroke technique. This method achieves the softness of the hair stroke running through the brow while providing the added depth of powder brows.

Micro powder brows require the use of the hand tool as well as the machine in order to combine micro blade hairs with the added depth of power for a stunning natural finish.

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