Baldness & Thinning Hair

Baldness & Thinning can affect Men and Women alike regardless of age and lifestyle.

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Male hair loss can happen at anytime following puberty. Commonly hairloss occurs in the late twenties or early thirties. We do know it affects more than half of all men to some degree.

It usually starts with a receding hairline and gradually recedes from the temples and the crown of the head finally ending with what’s referred to as a Norwood 7 on our hairloss scale.

The various degrees of male pattern baldness are determined by the Norwood scale.

The degrees of female hair loss are commonly determined by the Ludwig scale. While the causes for female baldness are similar to that of men’s (including stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, toxic substance intake, and some hereditary factors), the Female patterns of hair loss are very different. Women who suffer from hair loss initially notice overall thinning in the middle of the scalp.

This has increased in recent years due to modern hair extension systems and styling products causing traction alopecia with continued strain on the hair.

No matter the severity of the hair loss, scalp micropigmentation will be a suitable treatment that will greatly boost your confidence and in effect change your life.

You will notice a difference after your first session however this treatment is so discreet the gradual build up of follicles allow you to adjust as your hairline does. Slowly and confidently.

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